NIXLE Community Alerts

by everbridge

Be Informed!  Nixle by everbridge is Osceola County's alert & notification system!

Osceola County utilizes Everbridge's NIXLE for emergency alerting and information to citizens, visitors, businesses, and general community.  

Nixle is a 'sign up' service that provides emergency alerts by text, e-mail, web, social media, and other mechanisms to ensure a single source for critical information.  

NIXLE is unique in it's ability to provide both Alert/Notification and critical public information to residents during critical emergencies.



Sign up from your phone!

Text OsceolaEMD (for just Osceola alerts) or your zip code (for Osceola and other agency alerts) to 888777 from your mobile phone to receive text alerts.  

Sign up on the web!

Sign up online to register a Nixle account and receive  messages to your phone and email. You can then customize agency and alerts

Download the app!

Download the Everbridge Mobile App from Google Play to receive and manage push notifications directly to your mobile device.

Access from the web!

Don't want to sign up?  Nixle messages are also available from the web.  Just go to and type in your zip code or go to 

Remember - NIXLE is sharable!

Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) - Nixle Information is frequently shared on various community facebook and twitter platforms including Osceola EMD, Osceola CERT, and others.

Email & Texts - Nixle subscribers are able to forward received emails and texts to friends & family as to provide information that affect them in emergencies.

Person & Media - Remember, released Nixle messages are the official statement from local emergency authorities, you can help by relaying this life saving information to others during times of need.  This includes media outlouts such as print, TV, and radio.

Additional Alert / Notification Systems

I.P.A.W.S. is a nationwide alerting system for extreme emergencies.  

Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (I.P.A.W.S.)

I.P.A.W.S. is a nationwide public alert system used only in extreme emergencies where alert & warning is essential to save lives.  Unlike standard Nixle messages that are sent to just those that have voluntarily 'subscribed', I.P.A.W.S. uses advanced technology to 'push' the message to all cellular and associated devices within the defined warning area.  The most common of these are AMBER alerts for missing/endangered children.  Despite this capability, it is highly recommended that citizens sign up for Nixle alerts due to it's frequency of use and added public information capabilities.  Additionally, you must make sure to activate 'emergency alerts' on your cellular device settings to get I.P.A.W.S. messages.   Click here to learn more about I.P.A.W.S.

N.O.A.A. Weather Radio is a 24/7 radio broadcast system for weather alerts & information

NOAA Weather / NWS Alerts

NOAA Weather All Hazards Radio (NWR) is a nationwide network or radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information directly from the nearest National Weather Service office.  NWR broadcasts official Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours / 7 days a week.  Osceola County is served by 2 NWR stations, one of which our office proudly spearheaded the installation of in 2004 (Wolf Lake).  NWR radios are perfect for areas such as campgrounds, camps, or other areas where cell phone signal or other warning types are not available.  Many NOAA Weather alerts are also re-broadcast via text platforms such as Nixle, TV9&10's weather alerts, etc.  Click here to learn more on NOAA Radio.

Reed City is served by an outdoor warning siren that alerts outdoor populations for in-place shelter.

Reed City Outdoor Warning Siren

The city of Reed City has a single outdoor warning siren located at the Reed City Fire Station.  It is designed to add to, not replace, Nixle community alerts for persons in outside areas such as parks, campgrounds, and/or trails.  Besides being tested on the 1st Saturday of each month, the siren activates only for 1 emergency message -  a alternating wail intended to signal an immediate in-place shelter condition such as tornado, thunderstorm, or hazardous materials emergency.  Click this box for more information on Reed City's siren.


The City of Reed City conducts a monthly test of it's outdoor warning siren the 1st Saturday of each month @ approximately 1pm (except in cases where a Severe Watch or Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service). The siren is programmed to sound for 3 continuous minutes, and will then turn off automatically. To support this test, Osceola County Emergency Management issues a city - targeted Nixle message to support information and preparedness.


There is only 1 public outdoor warning siren used in Osceola County - serving Reed City.   . This siren is located at the Reed City Fire Station at 523 Morse St (on the East side of the City). It was acquired through a grant in 2011, with the intent to enhance, not replace, the Osceola County’s primary alert & warning system, Nixle.

The siren is tested on the 1st Saturday of each month at approximately 1pm. Tests will be cancelled during times of a weather watch or warning issued by the National Weather Service. Additionally, a Reed City focused Nixle notification message is sent out for preparedness information.

The siren is only designed to alert people that are outside and within 1 mile of the siren - it is not reliable for indoor alerting. Outdoor warning sirens are only reliable for providing warning within a close range to outside places such as parks, trails, or other recreational areas where other alerting devices may not be available. People that are indoors, in noisy environments, or any significant distance from the siren should rely on other mechanisms such as Nixle (recommended), NOAA Alert Radio, or other services as their primary warning mechanism.

The siren is only used for life threatening shelter-in-place emergencies - if you hear the siren get to shelter immediately! Get inside to a safe structure, grab your family emergency supply kit, and monitor Nixle, NOAA Weather Radio, TV, or radio for further instructions or an ‘all clear’ message. Only call 9-1-1 to report emergencies. 



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