Local Emergency Planning Team (L.E.P.T.)

Purpose of the Osceola County L.E.P.T.

The Osceola County Local Emergency Planning Team (L.E.P.T.) serves to ensure a community partnership to all hazards prevention,  preparedness, response, and recovery activities.  Monthly meetings allow all government, public, and private stakeholders the opportunity to receive information and directly participate in a variety of activities.  

Most importantly, L.E.P.T. meetings allow officials with emergency response duties to work together as to establish solid working relationships and understanding of eachother that is invaluable during emergency conditions.  L.E.P.T. members also serve as the jurisdiction's appointed Emergency Operations staff during declared emergencies.

Senior Osceola County Officials at the 7/26/23 L.E.P.T. Meeting

Membership & Participation

The Osceola County L.E.P.T. is designed to allow as much multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional participation as possible while still maintaining a managable organizational structure.  To accomplish this, membership is managed into 'emergency functions' as determined by the Emergency Operations Plan.  Agencies are determined as 'Lead', 'Supporting', or 'Participating' agencies.

Direction / Control - (County, Township, City, State, Federal)

Resource Management - County Administrator, Treasurers,

Damage Assessment - Building Dept, Equalization

Public Information - Appointed agencies, other, other

Law Enforcement - Sheriff, local police, Michigan State Police

Fire / Rescue - Fire Association, local Fire Depts

Emergency Medical - EMS / Hospital / Medical Control

Public Works - Road Commission, DPWs, MDOT, Utilities

Officials at the 7/26/23 L.E.P.T. Meeting Focusing on Osceola County's participation with the Statewide Exercise

Standing Functions

Osceola County's L.E.P.T. acts as an umbrella mechanism for facilitating several emergency management committees / meetings that are required either by legislation, procedure, or best practice into a single entity.  Conducting all meetings under a single structure and unified membership ensures an efficient approach for comprehensive emergency preparedness.  Main functions include:

Emergency Management Advisory Council

Established by County resolution as a multi-disciplined group assigned to general emergency management oversight, maintenance of the emergency operations plan, and serving as emergency operations center officials.  

Local Emergency Planning Committee

Required by  federal and state law ensure community planning and right to know for the sites within the jurisdiction that have qualifying levels of hazardous materials.  Osceola County LEPC currently maintains plans for ## hazardous materials sites.

Local Planning Committee 

This committee is required to ensure a multi-disciplined approach to determining expenditures of the jurisdictions Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) funds.  They evaluate and determine expenditures according to local program needs.

Hazard Mitigation / Management

This best practice group is charged with monitoring local hazards and guiding efforts to mitigate (i.e. eliminate or reduce) their effects on the community.  Recommendations can take form of hazard analysis, grants, and/or projects.

Citizen Corps Committee 

This committee ensures official authorization, coordination, and policy for Osceola County's Citizen Corps program.  It's primary effort is maintaining the Citizen Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) which provides volunteer response support.

Exercise / Training Committee 

Best practice group assigned to guide the jurisdiction's disaster exercise and training activities.  These include disaster related seminars, drills, tabletops, functional, and full-scale exercises as well as educational presentations and formal trainings.


2024 Osceola County L.E.P.T. Schedule & Minutes

The Osceola County Emergency Planning Team (L.E.P.T.) meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 10am to 11:30am at the Osceola County Emergency Management Center.  Members of the public are welcome to attend but are encouraged to verify with OCEMD as meetings are may be cancelled or rescheduled due to a variety of factors.  Meeting agendas & minutes are included as links as soon as available.  

Standing Agenda

The purpose of the Osceola County Local Emergency Planning Team (LEPT) is to serve as the Emergency Management program’s advisory committee and to ensure a community partnership to all hazards prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. The LEPT encompasses various emergency management committees required under legislation, policy, or practice including: EM Advisory, Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), Citizen Corps Council, Hazard Mitigation Committee, and Homeland Security Local Planning Team.

Michigan's Open Meetings Act Handbook for reference of use by LEPT and other committees

More Information / Resources

Emergency Planning & Community Right To Know Act (EPCRA) Overview for officials (Video by the Environmental Protection Agency)

Emergency Planning & Community Right To Know Act (EPCRA) Overview for communities  video (Video by the Environmental Protection Agency)



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