National Incident Management System (N.I.M.S.)

What Is N.I.M.S.?

Implemented by Presidential Directive in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the National Incident Management System (N.I.M.S.) provides a consistent nationwide template to enable all government, private-sector, and nongovernmental organizations to work together to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate domestic incidents, regardless of cause, size, or complexity. Based upon emergency management and incident response best practices, the National Incident Management System represents a core set of doctrine, concepts, principles, terminology, and organizational processes that enables effective, efficient, and collaborative incident management. 

Benefits of N.I.M.S. Include:

National Incident Management System

Graphic of United States with emergency images in states.  Illustrating NIMS nationwide approach

N.I.M.S. In Osceola County

Like all jurisdictions across the nation, Osceola County naturally benefits from N.I.M.S.'.  Aspects including unified approach to incident management; standard command and management structures; and emphasis on preparedness, mutual aid and resource management. It also provides a common foundation for training and other preparedness efforts, communicating and sharing information with other responders and with the public, ordering resources to assist with a response effort, and for integrating new technologies and standards to support incident management. For the first time, all of the nation’s emergency responders will use a common language, and a common set of procedures when working individually and together to keep America safe. 

In addition to the standard benefits of N.I.M.S., Osceola County's pro-active approach has resulted in various additional extraordinary benefits to our public safety system, including:

N.I.M.S. Compliancy

Each year in September, OCEMD performs a N.I.M.S. compliancy report from all first response agencies having responsibilities in the jurisdiction.  These reports are compiled and comprise a county report to the State of Michigan, which in turn reports up to the Department of Homeland Security.  Compliancy surveys focus on:

N.I.M.S. Resources

Learn More About N.I.M.S.

"The Many Hats of Incident Management" by  J.Thomas Martin of the Virginia State Police remains a classic explanation of the need for incident command.  

This "Introduction to the Incident Command" from the Justice Institute of British Columbia provides an excellent overview of I.C.S. during emergencies.



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