Partner Sites

Visit our trusted preparedness partners for tools on how to be disaster ready!

F.E.M.A.'s offers comprehensive resources on preparedness & hazards.

Michigan's MiReady program offers a wide range of resources on emergency preparedness and hazard safety.

The American Red Cross's longstanding mission of disaster response and safety offers a comprehensive website.

The National Weather Service's mission to ensure a severe weather ready nation offers some great hazard safety info.

Do1Thing offer's a 12 month / 12 step program for individuals and businesses to get prepared for disasters 

For Hazards

Learn more about hazards that can occur in our community!

For Individuals & Families

Prepare your home and family through these essential readiness activities!

For Special Audiences

Take additional measures for those with unique disaster needs!

Preparing Makes Sense / Seniors

Preparing Makes Sense! / Disabilities

Preparing Makes Sense / Pet Owners

MI Ready Preparedness / Kids

For Businesses

Protect your business from disasters and ensure that it remains open!

Osceola County's Safe & Secure Site Program

Originally developed to ensure a standardized, progressive approach to School Safety - Osceola County's Safe & Secure Site program has been further developed for use by small businesses, daycares, churches, industry, and even in family homes.  It's primary goal is to provide a simple and easy method to increase emergency readiness to active shooter but also is beneficial for all hazard preparedness .  As one of our most popular and demanded programs, this page is intended to provide resources for implementation of the program.



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