Osceola County 2024 Hazardous Materials Exercise

During the week of May 13th - May 15th, Osceola County emergency services will be conducting a series of several exercises, drills, and training activities intended to build our capabilities to respond to hazardous materials incidents.  These activities will be done at various points around the county and in conjunction with public safety, private industry, and government officials to build our teamwork, experience, and skills to ensure an effective response if ever needed.

Why exercise for hazardous materials emergencies.  


MAY 15th (6pm – 9pm @ Reed City Fire Department

This high paced functional tabletop is designed to challenge public safety command staff with a simulated scenario that requires execution of the local Hazardous Materials Incident Action Plan (IAP).  During the session, responders will essentially ‘practice’ a response and build necessary teamwork, communications, decision making, and proficiency with available plans and resources.

The Scenario Message

Below is a sample message for a hazardous materials incident.  It is important that 1) The public be signed up via Nixle or ????? to recieve warnings.  2) That the public be ready to respond to such an incident should it be issued.

The Survey

Prepare your home and family through these essential readiness activities!

Learn More About Hazardous Materials Preparedness

Take additional measures for those with unique disaster needs!

Preparing Makes Sense / Seniors

Preparing Makes Sense! / Disabilities

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